Providing Dental Health Care Since 1933

There has been a Dental Surgery at The Willows since the 1930’s and we are proud to be continuing the legacy for High Wycombe and the surrounding areas.

The Willows dental surgery is located at 27 London road and was built in the second half of the 19th Century. The historic Victorian building has a charm far beyond that of a typical Dental Surgery. 

After being occupied as a family home by George Augustus Green and then by Francis Haddock along with servants between 1901 and around 1930, the Willows was acquired by Stanley Jollye.

Stanley Jollye, a well known dental surgeon in the Wycombe locality, lived at the Willows but also set up a dental practice in the historic building for the first time in 1933. Stanley Jollye was an important part of the Wycombe community, not only providing dental care from The Willows but also as a dental surgeon to Wycombe Abbey and Godstowe schools. 

The Dental practice at The Willows has been a mainstay since 1933, a long standing and ever present dental care service to High Wycombe and the surrounding areas for nearly 90 years. To this day, there are still patients at The Willows who remember Stanley Jollye, a true testament to the impact dentistry has had on the lives of local residents.

In August 2022, The Willows was acquired by two new owners, Fahreen Barkatali and Filip Agatonovic. Filip and Fahreen first worked together over 15 years ago and have been close friends ever since. Both highly experienced dental practitioners, they have varying skills that compliment each other.

The legacy of this historic dental practice will be continued and we will continue to provide exceptional care to the patients of The Willows.

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